Crowdmark: using and abusing. II. Owner

Owner (of the test) is a person, who prepares the test, uploads it to Crowdmark, imports and add students, invites Graders (TAs) and Facilitators (instructors) to grade, can see and do everything…

The biggest shortcoming of Crowdmark out-of-the-box is that everybody gets the same test. If the owner wants more than one variant, Crowdmark recommends “make several assessments”. This is inconvenient, especially if we want adjacent booklets to be different.

Why we need several variants? Tests often have early and/or late sittings.

Quizzes are written during regular lectures or tutorials, so different sections should get different variants (at least, if written at different times. Further, while Tests and Exams are usually conducted in the special rooms with the individual tables for each student or, at least, students are sitted with sufficient spacing, Quizzes usually are written in the normal lecture or tutorial settings, with students, sitting side by side and are especially prone to cheating. But it looks like cheating happens even in the Test and Exam settings.

So, we want to have under an umbrella of the same quiz or test for Crowdmark server have several different assesments, and they may be arranged in different ways:

Example 1: We want booklets 1–100 to be Assesment A, 101–200 to be Assesment B.

Example 2: We want booklets with the number $\equiv 1 \pmod 5$ to be Assesment A, $\equiv 2 \pmod 5$ to be Assesment B, $\equiv 3 \pmod 5$ to be Assesment C, $\equiv 4 \pmod 5$ to be Assesment D,
$\equiv 0 \pmod 5$ to be Assesment E.

Example 3: Combined

So we need to “cheat” Crowdmark Server. We upload either an empty booklet, or a booklet containing only common elements of all variants. Then, say, we get a big pdf file, containing, say 200 booklets of 4 pages each (for Quiz). Each front page contains the form to be filled by a student (we use beta-version with the server-side OCR) and each page has a unique QR-code and its textual reflection.

After this we use this 800 page booklet (call it “dummy.pdf”) as a background for LaTeX file.

Sample Quiz

See Sample Quiz. You need to modify it for your purposes, in particular, redefine problems, and booklets, and the number of pages in the booklet and the number of booklets.

Sample Quiz 2

This is again a LaTeX file but designed to help barbarians who do not use LaTeX. Say, there is Q.pdf which is produced by MSW or other JunkWriter and consists of 5 versions of the same 4-pages Quiz stacked one after another, and dummy.pdf obtained from Crowdmark.
Then This Sample Quiz takes Q.pdf and overprints it by pages 1–20 of dummy.pdf, then adds Q.pdf again and overprints it by pages 21–40 of dummy.pdf etc.

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  1. This example of using Crowdmark beyond what is available out of the box is another illustration of the undisputed fact that the mathematicians are the smartest people in the University of Toronto (and in any university) 😁

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