MAT 244 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations @Fall 2018

I am teaching LEC 5101 section of MAT 334 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Tuesday 18:00 — 20:00, MP 102
  • Thursday 18:00 — 19:00, MP 102

There are three other sections LEC 0101, LEC 0201 and LEC 5201, taught by three other instructors. I am the class coordinator. The content, tests and exam for all sections are exactly the same.


We support both editions but 11th is preferable.

Details about this course are provided on the class official page.

One thought on “MAT 244 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations @Fall 2018”

  1. I am aware that sections are full:

    L0101: 0 of 160 available, Wait List: 38 students
    L0201: 0 of 190 available, Wait List: 36 students
    L5101: 0 of 196 available, Wait List: 37 students

    Instructors cannot do anything to remedy this. On the other hand, both MP102 and MP103 have capacity 196, and there is a chance that Lection Sections size will be updated to the rooms capacity.

    IMHO, both MP102 and MP103 are excellent rooms: large blackboards, side screens, comfortable tables rather than tablets and a proper light.

    On the minus side: hot and dry air at winter time which together with the chalk dust is not easy for the instructor.

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