Prospective Graduate Students

I am interested in graduate students who are interested in

Microlocal analysis 
and its application to partial differential equations 
and spectral problems.

☛ By no means I am interested in numerics and applied mathematics unless it is really related to the previous. There are many other professors in our Department who are interested in these topics. Messages from aspiring students/PDFs who are interested in topics unrelated to my field are neither answered nor forwarded. 

☛ I do not appreciate messages containing attachments in any format but .tex, .dvi, .ps, .pdf (uncompressed or compressed files of these types are fine), anything but plain ASCII characters in the messages (messages should be descriptive, not just "please, look at attachments") or commercials inserted by some "free" services like Yaho or Hotmail (these commercials constitute spam and the services and their users are spammers and treated as such). Further, M$ Outlook is not a mail client but a spam vehicle and all the messages sent by it are automatically sent to Spam folder.