Dept Department Headquarters Fields Fields Greenhouse Greenhouse Huron Huron 215; 
marker "D" shows location of my office (room 1008)

Department of Mathematics spaces (some)

Courtesy of Victor Ivrii

The office distribution on the floor plans reflect the state as in September 2006. I am not going to change it. Some people moved—but offices did not.

  • Bahen + roofs of 5-th + Huron 7-th floor 
    (approximately in the same scale). Southern walls of Bahen and Huron 215 align (6 th floor of Bahen is recessed)
  • Huron floors 7–10 + Earth Sci to compare Hope we and Statistics will get floors 7–10 of Huron in a couple of years to reunificate our Department. 
  • On the satellite map you can clearly see the recess of the 6th floor, the part of the roof of Bahen which we hope will became a terrace (near NE elevators) and the current terrace (near Dror's office) and the place where the bridge will be (continuation to the West of our Southern corridor). Switching to "Map" mode you need to zoom out twice.`