Hundreds of Anthropologists Vow to Boycott Israel

More than 500 anthropologists from around the world have recently signed a petition declaring their “opposition to the ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinian rights” and vowing to “boycott Israeli academic institutions that are complicit in these violations.”

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I see that there are some “academics” from University of Toronto. If one of them ever comes to my office—he/she will be shown the door. These “academics” are direct ideological descendants of anthropologists in SS uniforms


Demand for Jewish condemnation elicits limited backlash in Turkey

Several prominent Turkish Jews reprimanded their government over calls for their community to denounce Israeli military action in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

In the open letter, published on the website of the Hurriyet Daily News on Friday, the Jewish academics, media figures and authors argued that they had no obligation to comment on “Israel’s latest attack on Gaza.”

“No citizen of this country is under any obligation to account for, interpret or comment on any event that takes place elsewhere in the world, and in which he/she has no involvement. There is no onus on the Jewish community of Turkey, therefore, to declare an opinion on any matter at all,” they wrote.

Senior Turkish officials and government friendly media outlets were highly critical of Israel during the conflict, engaging in rhetoric that Jewish groups abroad have decried as anti-Semitic.


Several months ago municipal council of Toronto discussed a little monument to victims of Armenian genocide to be built on the Armenian community’s dime in a rather secluded place.

Turks came in big numbers and started screaming that it would ostracize and marginalize Turkish community and some Turkish schoolgirl claimed that Turkish kids will be bullied. The spineless council deferred decision.


Similarly Turkish community tried to remove from the school curriculum even mention about Armenian genocide:


It is the same Ottoman moral: too thin skin and complete insensitivity to others!

Galloway is not that tough

I already wrote that British MP George Galloway challenged Canadian Minister Jason Kenney for boxing match.

It turned out that Mr Galloway is not that tough as he thought he is:

George Galloway has been taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw after he was attacked on a London street, his spokesman has said.


A man has been charged with religiously-aggravated assault after MP George Galloway was attacked in a west London street.

The Respect MP for Bradford West was posing for pictures in Golborne Road, Notting Hill, when he was assaulted on Friday evening.

He suffered bruising to his head and is believed to have had some ribs broken.

Neil Masterson, 39, of Camden Hill, will appear at Hammersmith Magistrates Court on Monday.

He has also been charged with common assault against a man in his 40s who came to the victim’s aid, police said.


There is no indication that Mr. Masterson was religiously motivated. On the contrary, islamic fanaticism is not considered by British police as aggravating factor. At least, we never read about this.

36 years after

August 15-23, 1978 ICM1978 was held in Helsinki. I was an invited speaker and was supposed to deliver a sectional talk. Unfortunately due to well-known political circumstances in USSR I was not allowed to attend (but some of my colleagues were, including those who were not invited speakers and thus had not delivered any talks).

This story repeated itself 8 years later with ICM1986 in Berkeley—but I visited Berkeley many times since.
Now I am visiting Helsinki (what amazing city it is!) the first time in my life and yesterday I have delivered a talk “100 years of Weyl’s Law” at University. It was not the talk which I submitted 36 years ago but still…

Alexader Galich “Song about the bicycle” comes to my mind

Courts vs Google

There were several decisions of different courts concerning search engines (primarily Google); see f.e.

EURO COURT: GOOGLE must delete search links


Google ordered by BC court to block websites selling pirated goods: Equustek Solutions Inc. v. Jack


There were many articles siding with courts or with Google but all of them are missing the point: Google is a search engine, not a story keeper. Removing some link does not remove the linked page from Internet, removing the page eventually automatically removes the link from the search engines and therefore anyone “offended” must go after a page or website, not after a search engine.

Teaching Math

Comment: ‘If teachers don’t understand mathematical reasoning themselves, it is hardly surprising that students may feel discouraged’

Ruairí Quinn’s [Minister for Education and Skills in Ireland] announcement, at the annual conference this week of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, that primary teachers will be required to have honours mathematics may have drawn heckles from an antagonistic crowd, but there is substantial merit to such a policy.


And in Canada even high-school teacher of mathematics does not necessary hold minor in math; they need to take 3 FCE (Full Year Equivalent) in math (one of which could be statistics and take some classes in teaching math). Those who do not have math major degrees should teach the disciplines they got their BA/BSci (!!!)

Peace loving Hamas supporters or Al-Qaida operatives?

Turkish police raid aid agency’s offices in ‘crackdown on al-Qaida’
Turkish anti-terrorist police have raided the offices of an aid agency on the border with Syria as part of what local media said was an operation in six cities against individuals suspected of links to al-Qaida.

Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) said police had raided its offices in the southern city of Kilis, and detained one person.


May be Mr. Netanyahu should call Mr. Erdogan and sincerely apologize that operational errors allowed many Al-Qaida linked terrorists escape alive?

And I wonder what Western schmucktivists sailing on that ship think now when it appears that their companions were not peace loving Hamas supporters with metal pipes but Al-Qaida operatives?

Who is responsible for Sabra and Shatila?

The following article which appeared recently is definitely controversial; the author definitely tries to whitewash the Christian militia but he rightly points his finger to Assad regime. One needs to remember that

1. Christians in Lebanon were rather fragmented and there were several militias which often fought bloody gun battles between themselves and in contrast to Bashir and Amine Gemayels or Samir Geagea, Elie Hobeika was in cahoots with Syrians and later fought together with them agains Palestinians;

2. Syrians were rather hostile to Palestinians in Lebanon and fought several battles against them later;

3. After peace Elie Hobeika became a MP and then a minister in the Lebanese government and then after he became a liability rather than asset because he could reveal some details about Sabra and Shatila he was assassinated by an unknown group.

One more publication does not try to whitewash Elie Hobeika but also points at his master in Damascus.

PS. Obviously Kahan commission correctly lambasted Sharon for his failure to prevent massacre (which was only one link in the chain of massacres and counter-massacres but got prominence because only in this case one could blame Israel); however indirect personal responsibility and criminal responsibility are two very different things.